Sunterra Group of Companies awarded 2023 Prairie Region Family Enterprise of the Year Award

Published: Dec 5, 2023

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 — In a proud moment for Alberta’s business community, Family Enterprise Canada has named Sunterra Group of Companies the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Prairie Region Family Enterprise of the Year Award (FEYA). This honour is bestowed upon family businesses that exemplify outstanding achievement and community contribution.

Founded over 50 years ago on a modest family farm in Acme, Alberta, Sunterra has flourished into an influential group of companies, including Sunterra Markets with eight locations across Alberta. The brainchild of Stan and Flo Price, their children and some close family friends, this multi-generational endeavor has seen Sunterra evolve from its humble beginnings to a leader of innovation and excellence in Alberta’s food industry.

Sunterra Group of Companies stands as a testament to the power of family business in shaping our economy and communities,” said Naim Ali, Chair of Family Enterprise Canada. “Their journey from a family farm to a leader in the food sector is nothing short of inspirational.

Art Price, upon receiving the award on behalf of the family, reflected on the company’s philosophy: “Our growth and success has been anchored in our unwavering commitment to quality, honesty and integrity. This recognition celebrates our team’s dedication to excellence and our community’s unwavering support. We may be in the fresh food business, but we always strive to also be good neighbors.

Sunterra’s trajectory is marked by a commitment to high-quality, locally sourced food. The launch of their flagship store in downtown Calgary’s Bankers Hall in 1990 marked a shift in the retail landscape, blending a European-style shopping experience with top-tier fresh and chef-prepared foods at accessible prices. This innovative approach, integrating a gourmet deli within a grocery setting, was pioneering at the time and has since become a standard in the industry.

Sunterra’s innovation continues today with the launch of Sunterra Greenhouses, specializing in growing Dutchess Strawberries and Tomatoes on the Vine and delivering ultimate freshness and quality to Albertans in the winter months.

Sunterra’s influence extends beyond domestic markets, with a significant international footprint in the pork export sector, particularly in Japan. Despite opportunities for national expansion, Sunterra remains committed to growth that aligns with its core values and proximity to its Alberta roots.
In addition to its business achievements, Sunterra’s community engagement is notable, especially through its ROOTS program, which collaborates with organizations like Inn from the Cold and Ronald McDonald House.

The Significance of the Family Enterprise of the Year Award

Established in 1986, the Family Enterprise of the Year Award (FEYA) is a significant accolade in the Canadian business landscape. It recognizes business families’ contributions to the economy and social framework of communities across Canada. Each year, family businesses are nominated for this award across various regions. Volunteer selection committees determine the award recipients. Each regional winner becomes a candidate for the National Family Enterprise of the Year Award and the annual FEYA celebration is a highlight of Family Business Symposium, being held next year in May in Calgary.

What distinguishes FEYA from other business awards in Canada is its comprehensive approach to evaluation. The award considers business performance, innovation and the integration of best practices that positively impact the business, the team, the family involved and their community. Winners of the FEYA are recognized for their exemplary role in contributing to Canada’s economic development.

About Family Enterprise Canada

Family Enterprise Canada is a national community, resource center and learning hub for business families and designated Family Enterprise Advisors (FEA). We empower families with the resources needed to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities unique to working with loved ones.

Our members connect, learn and grow together through dynamic social and educational events, intimate peer-to-peer advisory groups, one-on-one mentorship, online and in-person learning experiences, and access to FEAs who are specially trained in family business dynamics.

We believe family businesses are essential to building a better tomorrow for Canada’s communities and economy. Our role? To foster their strength and success.

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