Character Trumps Competence

Published: Sep 10, 2019

Let’s Talk Family Enterprise Podcast – Episode #3

Host: Ruth Steverlynchk, LLB (Hons.), FEA

Guest: Greg McCann, Founder and Principal, McCann & Associates

This episode of Let’s Talk Family Enterprise explores the idea of character and its importance for family enterprise advisors. Greg touches on the four gears to modulate in order to better your practice as an advisor – problem-solving, feedback, coaching, and validation.

Mentioned in this episode

When Your Parents Sign the Paychecks: Finding Success Inside or Outside the Family Enterprise

Author: Greg McCann
This book is about self-development and awareness for individuals and includes tools that can help a family get along better and have a more successful business.

Who Do You Think You Are? Aligning Your Character and Reputation

Author: Greg McCann
Since many of the best employers hire on character and develop skills, how your character measures up may well determine whether you get the job. In this book, explains how your character can enhance or derail your career, as well as your personal life, romances and friendships.

The Road to Character

Author: David Brooks
Looking to some of the world’s greatest thinkers and inspiring leaders, this book explores how, through internal struggle and a sense of their own limitations, they have built a strong inner character.

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation In Everyday Life

Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn

Feedback That Works: How to Build and Deliver Your Message

Author: Sloan R. Weitzel

Providing feedback to others about their performance is a key developmental experience. But not all feedback is effective. This guidebook demonstrates how to make the feedback you give more effective so that others can benefit from your message.

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