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The real essence of every community is the active participation and engagement of its members. Our ambassadors are an organized, dedicated and passionate group of members providing active leadership for our communities across Canada.

We’d like to thank and acknowledge our ambassadors for being a trusted point of contact for our family business community. They believe in the positive impact our community brings to business families and FEAs, and they’re open to share that passion with you.

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As a family business owner, I believe it is hugely important to be able to connect with other family business members. We need a space to share ideas, explore the unique challenges and issues family businesses face, and support one another. This is why I decided to become an Ambassador of Family Enterprise Canada.

Karen Alko,
ABC Recycling Ltd.
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It has been a privilege for me to share the Ali Family story through the platforms that Family Enterprise Canada offers. My goal as a member and now as an Ambassador, has always been to drive intentional and purposeful communication within the Family Enterprise Canada network to help each other.

Naim M. Ali,
SM2 Capital Partners

Meet our Ambassadors

Our team of Ambassadors is made up of people from across our community – members from family enterprises and Family Enterprise Advisors (FEAs) across Canada. They are delighted to connect with you to discuss their experience in Family Enterprise Canada.

British Columbia
Quebec & Atlantic
Ryan Akhurst
Akhurst Machinery Limited
Victoria Brown
Legacy Family Business
James Pelmore
Foundation Wealth Partners
Deb Avis Wilson
Avis Wilson Consulting
Julia Chung
Spring Planning
Spencer Rolls
Legacy Family Office of Assante Wealth Management
Jeff Benna
Grant Conroy
Genus Capital Management
Kevin Santos
Grant Thornton LLP
Gary Benson
Danica Imports
Gabriel Dhahan
Bellrock Benchmarking Inc
Colin Yakashiro
Grant Thornton LLP
Aaron Berman
BERMANFALK Hospitality Group
Steven Ivacko
Karen Alko
ABC Recycling Ltd.
Ken MacLeod
Legacy Consulting
Jennifer Brookman
Gerry Meyer
Meyer Advisory Group

Cheryl Alle
Reggin Industries Inc.
Stephanie Domenco
Family Wealth Group Ltd
Christopher Massie
About Staffing
Naim M. Ali
David Emond
Cidel Asset Management
Steve Meldrum
Swell Private Wealth Ltd.
David Barnard
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Anne Evamy
Revas Inc.
Aliya Mohamed
Jubilee Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Susan J. Brown
Propel Insurance and Advisory Inc.
Shawn Hass
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Patrick O’Connor
Blackwood Family Enterprise Services
Doug Byblow
Forthlane Partners
Dean Koeller
Calvert Home Mortgage
Jerry Olynuk
Northland Wealth Management Inc
Brandy Cadorath
Laura Lamb
Kenway Mack Slusarchuk Stewart (KMSS)
Chris Reichert
Blackwood Family Enterprise Services
Todd Coleman
BMO Private Wealth
Karen Macdonald
Viewpoint Group
Michael Sadovnick
Sadovnick Morgan LLP
Kent Coulter
Richardson GMP
Allison Maher
Family Wealth Coach Planning Services
Sarah Tkachuk
Margaret-Jean Mannix
Loram 99 Corporation
Richa Arora
KPMG Family Office
Jerome Delle Palme
Jerome Delle Palme
William H. Sheffield
Michael Ayres
CIBC Private Wealth Management
Keita Demming
The Covenant Group
Holly Simmons
Golden-Lasso Business Consulting
Jacob Baribeau
Baribeau Construction
Sabrina Fitzgerald
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
David R. Smith
Smith Advisory Services Inc
David Barnsdale
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Murray Flanagan
Flanagan Foodservice Inc.
Susan St Amand
Sirius Financial Services
Colin Bierbaum
Mara Kates
Camp Arowhon
Ruth Steverlynck
The Lovins Group
Dan Brintnell
Overbay Capital Partners
Michael Kirkpatrick
Imperial Barber Shop
Allen S. Taylor
Taylor Walraven
Jim Burton
James A. Burton Family Foundation
Ken Lancaster
RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities
Eric Toivonen
North Pole Trim & Supplies Ltd
Tammy Buss
BlueRoots Inc.
Tom Mathies
BDO Canada LLP
Vincent Valeri
Creaghan McConnell Group
William Buss
Buss Financial Group Inc.
Debbie Mohr-Caldwell
Goldie Mohr Limited
Brent VanParys
R. Brent VanParys Professional Corp.
Adam Carter
BMO Private Wealth
Jeff Noble
BDO Canada LLP
Roberto F. Villamar
Christina Clement
Independent Consultant
Jeffrey Pacitto
Best Way Stone
Glen Way
Scotia Wealth Management
Joanne Creaghan
TotalLeader Solutions
Don Reynolds
Reynolds Custom Machine Inc.
Justine Zavitz
Zavitz Insurance & Wealth
Catherine Ouellette
CMO Family Business Practices
Arthur Salzer
Northland Wealth Management
Liz McBeth
Armour Valve Ltd.
Sylvie Desmarais [FR]
8766 Quebec Inc.
Steve Legler [FR]
Steve Legler
Rob Velan [FR]
Velan Inc.
Anna Giampà [FR]
Janie Provencher Blais [FR]
RBC Wealth Management
Krista Han
Grant Thornton LLP
Lianne Ulin [FR]
M Bacal Group
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