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With over 800,000 family enterprises in Canada, there is a critical need for expert advisors who understand the uniqueness of Family Enterprise. Through the FEA Program, we set the standard of education for advisors and prepare you for attaining the FEA designation, the pinnacle of expertise in Family Enterprise advising

FEA Program

The FEA Designation

Augment your technical skills, broaden your perspective on the issues business families face and forge deeper relationships with your family enterprise clients.

How to Become a Designated FEA™


Hold a degree or professional designation or equivalent


Apply and pass the FEA written and oral exams

The technical advice is not enough.

Bill Brushett, FCPA, FCA, FEA,
President & CEO,
Family Enterprise Canada

FEA Designates

We are extremely proud of our newly certified FEAs. They put in the hard work and with the valuable knowledge and insights gained from the FEA program, they can better serve their business family clients. We congratulate these dedicated professionals who join the ranks of over 450 FEAs in Canada who have achieved this high standard in family enterprise advising.

Claire Lynch, National Director, Advisor Programs

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Sep 25, 2020  |  Research
Family Enterprise in the time of COVID

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