P.A.G – Personal Advisory GroupTM

What is a P.A.G?

Friends and colleagues don’t always understand the unique dynamics of a family enterprise and discussing these issues with family members can be hard. But when you’re part of a Personal Advisory Group (P.A.G), you’re never alone.

P.A.Gs provide intimate, confidential and non-competitive spaces for sharing your challenges and successes. P.A.Gs are the only peer group in Canada specific to family business members. Everyone in the group has the unique experience of working in their family business, making decisions on behalf of the business, and/or are involved in the governance of the business. Get support, peer-to-peer business advice and genuine connection from business members who know where you’re coming from.

The placement process

When Family Enterprise Canada creates a new P.A.G, the members are handpicked for compatibility. Every P.A.G has just one member per family — and never includes competitors — so you’re always free to share and speak your mind. If you are joining an existing P.A.G, we’ll ensure proper placement to support the diversity goals of the group, providing you with a confidential space to learn and grow from the collective experience of the members.

P.A.G Participation

Membership in Family Enterprise Canada includes a P.A.G seat for one family member. Additional P.A.G seats are available for additional cost.

Virtual P.A.Gs Available!

Want to experience the benefits of a P.A.G without the worry of commuting? We have a Virtual P.A.G for you!

Being in my P.A.G has made me feel so much less alone in my unique situation in my family business. It’s a place where I can say anything and know I will be accepted, supported and validated.

Mara Kates, Camp Arowhon

Join one of our P.A.Gs if your family is a member of Family Enterprise Canada and:

You’re active in the family business


– OR –

You intend to join the family business


– OR –

You’re involved in the family enterprise (active on the board, active in the family office, etc.)

What’s involved in joining a P.A.G?

block icon

3 hours

per meeting with your P.A.G members

block icon

8-12 meetings

per year with your group

block icon

2-3 days

offsite annual retreat

Applicable P.A.G Fees

P.A.G seat free

included in your Family Enterprise Canada membership

P.A.G seats

Annual investment of $795 + tax for each additional seat

How to join a P.A.G

Before applying, make sure you have joined Family Enterprise Canada with a Family Membership.


Complete the online P.A.G application


Family Enterprise Canada will find a suitable P.A.G for you


Meet with your P.A.G to ensure there is a good fit


The P.A.G will extend an invitation to join if there is a good match

Contact Us


Email us about joining a Personal Advisory Group
Questions about joining a P.A.G?

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