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As a significant driver of economic growth—accounting for 7 million jobs and 50% of private sector GDP – the future health and growth of the Canadian economy is dependent on the strength and success of a vibrant family enterprise community.

Family Enterprise Canada supports, nurtures and provides a unified voice to this vital sector, while providing enterprising families and designated Family Enterprise Advisors (FEAs) the opportunity to be part of dynamic, thriving community.

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We believe business families that are part of a dynamic peer community and have access to relevant and valuable family-centric knowledge, advice, resources and learning opportunities achieve stronger outcomes for both their family and their family business, allowing them to thrive and succeed for generations.


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We set the standards of education quality for advisors with the Family Enterprise Advisor Program. This remarkable Program is also a prerequisite to attaining the FEA Designation, which represents the pinnacle of professional expertise in the field of family enterprise advising.


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Our Mandate

Family Enterprise Canada is a dynamic community of business families and certified Family Enterprise Advisors. Our supportive community provides shared wisdom, family-focused advice, world-class expertise and education to address the realities and opportunities unique to family enterprise — helping to achieve stronger outcomes for both enterprising families and their enterprises.

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Feb 7, 2022  |  Research
Who Are the Guardians of Family Legacy: Research on Canadian Family Business Transition Intentions – Part Two

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