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Resources for your Personal Advisory Group

When you join a Personal Advisory Group (P.A.G) you will have access to a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities, connection to a wider community of family members and resources to ensure you gain the most from this peer-support system. As a P.A.G member, you will always have support, peer-to-peer advice and strong, reliable friendships from business family members who “get it.”

In my P.A.G, I’ve found a place amongst a group of people who I really respect and trust. I’ve gained insights into my own situation that I would have never learned by just attending courses – thanks to my P.A.G.

Michael Sadovnick, Sadovnick Morgan LLP

Tools and resources for our community

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Training, Guidance and Tools

The P.A.G Support Centre provides everything you need to help you progressively build knowledge and skills, including interactive training programs and tools, suggestions for planning retreats and professional development, along with many different worksheets and forms to make your P.A.G meetings seamless and effective.

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Experienced Support

P.A.G Coaches are available for three meetings per year and can help revitalize your meeting structure and agenda, support the Moderator’s role and add energy to your presentations. Our Coaches are trained in facilitation, moderation and communication techniques, and can assist with on-the-spot training and guidance.

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Knowledge Sharing

We have an outstanding community of advisors, including certified Family Enterprise Advisors (FEAs) and our P.A.G support team committed to helping our P.A.Gs succeed. They are available to support your P.A.G experience through topical meeting presentations, facilitation and much more.

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Connecting with Peers

We offer many ways for you to connect with other P.A.G members. Our P.A.G Fundamentals Program connects you to a community interested in learning in a peer group space. You can also join us for our Elevating the Experience Training Program focused on communication, conflict management and purposeful planning.

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Our On-Going Support

We provide continuous support through growth of new members who bring their perspectives and knowledge. We can also offer guidance to your group as you move through a challenge, big or small. We’re here to help you succeed!

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