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Participate Fully in the FEA Community

When you become a Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA), you’re joining a dedicated community of professionals committed to providing thoughtful advice to help family enterprises thrive. Family Enterprise Canada is here to support you in your efforts by building a strong network of most-trusted advisors, providing global best resources and learning, peer support, continuing education and offering opportunities for you to leverage everything our FEA community has to offer.

Benefit from what the community has to offer…

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Peer insight and support

FEAs have specialized knowledge and experience in the field of family enterprise. Our newly launched  FEA Peer Group program provides you with an opportunity to connect with other designated advisors who can help you grow both personally and professionally.

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World-class certification program NEW

Family businesses are increasingly affected by today’s complex environmental, economic and sociocultural issues. The all new Advising with Impact certification will show you how to: approach these issues with your clients, guide them through their challenges and help you help them get it right.

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Integrating FEA into Your Practice NEW

Strengthen your family business advising foundation by taking a one-day workshop focused on reinforcing your FEA approach. You will revisit the techniques, tools and strategies you learned in the FEA Program to refresh your skills and integrate them into your professional practice. 


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Resources that work

We have built family-focused interactive courses and activities advisors can utilize in their practice. Use the Compass Course and guide, Decision Tree or Intergenerational Succession Planning Journey Map to assist your family business clients chart their path forward.

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Monthly digest just for you

The monthly FEA Matters digest, curated specifically for our Family Enterprise Advisors, keeps you up to date in the field, providing valuable resources on trending issues and classic topics in family enterprise advising.

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Insights from leading experts

Created specifically for FEA designates, the Let’s Talk Family Enterprise podcast explores global ideas, concepts and models related to family enterprise advising. Our guests include leading authors, practitioners and academics who provide short overviews of a wide range of topics to peak your curiosity.

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Strong community through strong leadership

The FEA Council represents FEA designates within the Family Enterprise Canada community. Council members provide guidance and support to the Family Enterprise Canada Board, specifically with respect to the FEA member experience and engagement. The overall objective is to have a strong, growing and dynamic FEA member community.

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Showcasing your designation

Our FEA Directory provides you with an opportunity to showcase your designation and make yourself known to member and non-member family businesses. Keep your profile up-to-date to ensure fellow FEAs and potential clients can find you. For further details on how to showcase your designation, review our FEA brand guidelines.

Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) Membership & Designation Fees


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