The Family Leadership Forum

Develop your executive leadership skills with family business peers

Building on decades of success with peer groups, we have developed one of the most innovative peer group experiences yet. Through an effective balance of education, lived experiences and facilitated discussions, participation in our Family Leadership Forum will help you build a strong legacy in your family enterprise.

Leading your family enterprise can be purposeful and rewarding. It can also weigh on you – with the constant and sometimes conflicting responsibilities over team results, business prosperity, family happiness and your own personal well-being.

As a leader in your family enterprise, you need a confidential space where you can work through these important decisions, making impactful change while balancing all of these goals. That place is in our Family Leadership Forum.

The experience

8 Peers

Senior leaders in family businesses

In-depth Interview

To ensure fit with Forum group

2 Moderators

Faculty in the Family Enterprise Advisor program

4 Guest Speakers

Selected to support your learning objectives

3-hour Meetings

Held in a collaborative, confidential space

8 Meetings

Per year, hosted virtually for your convenience

Joining our Family Leadership Forum is for you if you are…

A leader with 15+ years experience working in your family enterprise or family office

A leader who assumes risk and responsibility over your business’ growth and success

A leader who wants to gain insights and learn from others in similar positions

Applicable fees to join our Family Leadership Forum

plus taxes

plus taxes

For our Progressive Family Members

Why is our Family Leadership Forum unique?

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Truly a group of family business peers

Exclusive to leaders in business families, each Forum will be carefully created through an in-depth interview process to ensure you and your peers are in similar career stages, non-competitive and focused on similar goals and learning experiences.

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Define your own leadership objectives

Your Forum will have a personalized programming plan to address your specific objectives and challenges. Each group will define their leadership learning objectives with the support of Family Enterprise Canada and your moderators.

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Led by experienced moderators

Two faculty members of the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) Program will be your Forum moderators, maximizing the learning and managing the discussions in all your meetings.

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Enhanced by insights from guest speakers

Guest speakers will be invited to share their expertise and lived experience related to your Forum’s objectives, providing new techniques, awareness and knowledge to your discussions.

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A fully customizable experience

Should you wish to continue after your first year, your Forum will decide, operationally, how to move forward. You will be able to decide the frequency of meetings, number of speakers and more – everything is customizable!

How to join our Forum

Participating is easy! All you need to do is…


Complete the online application.


Multiple interviews will ensure you are matched with a group of leaders who share similar goals.


Based on those interviews, we will create a programming plan unique to your Forum.


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