Announcing the Edmonton Recipient of the 2020 FEC Alberta Family Enterprise of the Year Award, Mobile Augers and Research Ltd.

Published: Mar 13, 2020

CALGARY, AB – March 12, 2020 – Family Enterprise Canada (FEC) is proud to announce Mobile Augers and Research Ltd. as the Edmonton recipient of the 2020 FEC Alberta Family Enterprise of the Year Award. This honour was celebrated at a gala dinner on March 12, 2020 at Flores and Pine in Calgary, AB.

Mobile Augers and Research Ltd.: A geotechnical and environmental drilling firm serving western Canada, the Northwest Territories, and the Arctic. The company was founded in 1959 by Ronald W. Innes, who began operations with an Explorer B40 mounted on a one-ton Ford. Mobile Augers introduced the technique of continuous dry auger drilling to western Canada in 1959, thus establishing a tradition of staying current and modern. Always up for a challenge, Mr. Innes and his staff became known in the industry for taking on drilling challenges that no one else could.

Over the years, the company gained experience in a wide variety of geotechnical applications, including soil testing for buildings, bridges, roads, water, sewer and environmental investigations. Throughout the 1960s, Mr. Innes designed and built a variety of rigs to meet customer demand. For example, the compact Arctic Ranger was designed to be portable by helicopter, airplane, pick-up truck, Bombardiers or even snowmobiles. This unique drill has been used for soil investigations throughout western Canada and has also been used in the Antarctic and Egypt.

The Family Enterprise of Year Award (FEYA) was established in 1986 to celebrate and promote the achievements of Canadian business families and the considerable contribution they make to the economic and social fabric of both their local communities and Canada as a whole. In fact, FEC recently issued a report, Family Enterprise Matters, which explores the impact of family-owned enterprises on the Canadian economic landscape, producing the most comprehensive picture of family enterprise in Canada to date. This report confirms that family enterprise matters; accounting for approximately 50 per cent of private sector GDP and nearly 7 million jobs across the country.

FEYA is unique among business awards in Canada, as it does not only focus on traditional business metrics. Instead, the selection committee also looks at how well the family enterprise integrates best practices that benefit the business, the family and their communities. Having demonstrated significant capabilities in these regards, FEYA recipients are examples of excellence and are integral to Canada’s economic future.

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