FEC Ottawa’s 2019 Family Enterprise of the Year Award Recipient, Regional Group

Published: May 9, 2019

Ottawa, ON – May 9, 2019 – The Family Enterprise Canada (FEC) is proud to announce Regional Group as the 2019 FEC Ottawa Family Enterprise of the Year Award Recipient.

The Family Enterprise of the Year Award (FEYA) recognizes significant achievements made by an Ottawa Family Enterprise. The Award enables us to publicly celebrate the successes of family businesses – ones that can inspire others. These stories showcase family business that demonstrate many layers of success through drive, dedication and commitment to employees and the community at large.

We do not take the time to celebrate business family achievement enough, even though they make up the fabric of Canada. There are many awards for industries, performance and the list continues. We are so pleased to celebrate, with our FEC community, this year’s Ottawa Family Enterprise of the Year Award winner, Regional Group, for being exemplary in your commitment and dedication to your community.

Regional Group: Entering its 61st year changing the face of real estate in Ottawa, Steve Gordon leads the family and company founded by his father-in-law, Len Potechin. Accepting the leadership responsibility in 1984, Steve has continued the legacy to form the Regional Group of today, a unique, strong, vertically-integrated Capital regional real estate platform. The company has grown from a small family office to one attracting capital from wealth managers, external family offices and institutions.

Through their core values of integrity, commitment, innovation, attention, balance, gratitude and leadership, the family and company alike have been able to weather challenges and celebrate successes. With the 3rd generation now being groomed to take the helm, the company is building upon its innovative history to embrace the technology and systems changes required by today’s clients.

The family’s faith and values continue to keep them humble and grateful for the successes they have achieved. Sense of community is the driving force behind every relationship made, every neighbourhood built and every cause supported.

The Regional Group is eligible for the National Family Enterprise of the Year Award, presented by FEC on September 17, 2019 in Toronto.

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