Mental Health Check Up: Exploring the Questions Advisors are Often too Afraid to Ask

Published: Apr 15, 2019

Let’s Talk Family Enterprise Podcast – Episode #1

Host: Ruth Steverlynck, LLB (Hons.), FEA

Guest: Arden O’Connor, CEO and Founder, O’Connor Professional Group

Ruth Steverlynck sits down with Arden O’Connor (principal and founder of O’Connor Professional Group a concierge behavioural health firm, founded in 2011, based in Boston MA serving families across the globe). They discuss sensitive topics relating to mental health issues that our family business clients may be struggling with and, as advisors, we may benefit from greater understanding as to how to effectively offer support.

Mentioned in this episode

Addiction Recovery: A Family’s Journey

Author: Diana Clark

This book documents the journey of addiction recovery. Simply defined, recovery is the practice of behavioural, psychological and spiritual changes, beginning with abstinence, that encourages (and reflects) a healthy life. It explores the progression from active addiction to recovery and what it takes to succeed, in particular, what family members and those trusted by the family can do to help.

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