FEA Program Attendance Policy

Dated: Thursday, June 22, 2023

1. The FEA Program is designed for all modules to be attended in sequence and for the program to be completed within one year. Attendance and participation in all modules AND satisfactory work in the Knowledge Integration group is necessary to graduate from the FEA Program, receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to sit the FEA exams.

2. Attendance in the FEA program is subject to Family Enterprise Canada’s receipt of your program fee payment by the date(s) specified in your application form and welcome package. Late program fee payments/installments may delay your program completion and must be received before you can attend the next scheduled module.

3. We appreciate there may be special circumstances where a short absence is required from class. If that is the case, please notify the Senior Program Manager, Renee Nelson, at rnelson@familyenterprise.ca in advance. If you miss more than 10% of any module, you will be asked to repeat it before we can graduate you.

4. Should a situation, such as a family or medical emergency, arise where you are unable to attend an entire module, please notify us as soon as possible in writing. Missed modules may delay your completion of the FEA Program and your ability to sit the FEA exams with your own cohort.

5. Making up missed modules with another cohort requires approval. Please contact the Senior Program Manager, Renee Nelson, at rnelson@familyenterprise.ca to discuss options.

6. Making up a missed module virtually is limited to the following modules:

  • Family Enterprise Governance
  • Family Enterprise Strategy
  • Facilitation and Communication Skills
  • Continuity Planning

7. We cannot accommodate virtual attendance for those who need to makeup any of our in-person modules.

8. There is no makeup option for Knowledge Integration and Application (KIA). KIA is only delivered in-person and consists entirely of your team project presentations which must be done with your own cohort. Each team member must be present for all team presentations to ask questions and provide feedback.

9. Please note that missing Multi-Disciplinary Advising (MDA) with your own cohort is not recommended. Your team project work commences during MDA. Unfortunately, if you miss this module, it will be 4-5 months before you can attend it with another cohort which means it will be very difficult for you to contribute equally to the work being done by the rest of your project team.

10. Should a participant miss/need to makeup either Business Family Dynamics or Multi-Disciplinary Advising, which are only offered in-person, additional costs may be involved for the program participant, such as travel and hotel accommodation, depending on the module location.

11. Self-study of missed modules is not accepted as a makeup option in the FEA Program as much of the learnings arise from class discussions, small group work and involve case analysis and application of tools, models and frameworks.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our attendance policy for the FEA Program, please contact Family Enterprise Canada by phone at 1.866.849.0099 or by email at info@familyenterprise.ca.

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