The Link Between Family Business Research and Advising

Published: Mar 11, 2024

Let’s Talk Family Enterprise Podcast Episode #56

Host: Ambreen Bhaloo
Guest: Francesco Barbera

Ambreen Bhaloo, FEA guest hosts this episode and welcomes Francesco Barbera, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at The Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University for an in-depth discussion on the issue of homogeneity (all family firms are the same) vs. heterogeneity (all family firms are unique).

In what ways does family governance lead to greater firm performance? Listen to this episode and find out how family functioning may be the key!

Research Article Mentioned in this Podcast

Family Governance and Firm Performance: Exploring the Intermediate Effects of Family
Functioning and Competitive Advantage

by Francesco Barbera, Tim Hasso and Thomas V. Schwarz

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