Discovering Family Ownership Webinar

Family Enterprise Canada
Published: Feb 21, 2024

This informative lunch-and-learn style webinar was specifically designed for current and future family business owners. “Family Ownership” has proven to be the pillar of family businesses around the world. However, understanding the roles each family member plays in successful ownership, especially as a NextGen, requires in-depth knowledge of what ‘ownership’ means, how decision-making processes are made and, mostly, how to approach different ownership models.

We invite all family members and FEAs to watch Steve Legler, Family Legacy Coach and Thomas Clark, Educational Consultant explore the basics of family ownership and our Discovering Family Ownership course. They also provide an overview of the Facilitation Guide, and show you how to make the best use of this interactive learning experience with your family or family business clients. Watch the webinar recording below.

Follow along with the Presentation PowerPoint [Download]

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