Family Enterprise Matters

Family Enterprise Foundation and The Conference Board of Canada
Published: Sep 10, 2019

Harnessing the Most Powerful Driver of Economic Growth in Canada

Family Enterprise Foundation (FEF) partnered with The Conference Board of Canada to study the economic weight, regional impact, industry presence and business performance of family-owned enterprises. In fact, family enterprises generated almost half of Canada’s private sector GDP and almost seven million jobs in 2017.

Our whitepaper, Family Enterprise Matters, provides a summary of the most comprehensive picture of family enterprises in Canada to date. It also reveals new data and insights showing how family enterprises are significant and influential contributors to industries such as agriculture, accommodations, food services, fisheries and retail, as well as in industrial and resource sectors, such as construction, mining, manufacturing and transportation.

Research also suggests that knowledge gaps continue to exists, despite the huge influence family enterprises have on Canada’s economy. For more details, download the research.

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