In/Out of Control Awareness Tool

Lorisa Stein, FEA
Published: Apr 11, 2023

Control references the expectations which we all develop, rarely all share, and experience differently as circumstances in our worlds change. For example, when families take on a new initiative, establish new governance structures, start the process of bringing in the next generation, updating policies, succession planning, and working through conflict. Over time we think we know how a family member will demonstrate their expectations only to be met with a surprise reaction. The anticipated expectations did occur. Why? Now what? Our lives ebb and flow, we may have two different expectations to the same circumstances, or we may experience polarity in those responses. How do we as FEAs manage those surprise family expectations? 

Enjoy this thought-provoking article by Lorisa Stein (FEA) who has developed a continuum theory for FEAs to apply to family members before the meetings, before the next initiative moves forward from the planning stages, before significant decisions are made. 

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